How views effect us.

This view makes the room look wide and welcoming. The open windows add a light air and the chairs placed on the sides make this room feel royal.
With this view it makes this nature seem impressive but nothing to be taken back by.
This painting, like most American paintings, makes it look absolutely stunning.
This shot was likely taken with the intention of making it seem as earth friendly as possible and it surely accomplishes that. The wide open windows allow the forest and greenery from outside.
This view makes the room look long, practically endless, and empty.
This view isn't one you usually see when it's a picture of a beach. Usually it focuses on the water,which is always so full of life, but this one is focused on the sand. It gives off an air of death.
This view almost allows us to see the mountains the way a bird would see them. It makes us focus on the way that the mountains roll; the way they rise and fall.
This view makes the land of Japan seem endless and bountiful. Which is something that the Yamamoto must have taken great pride in if he made it seem so magnificent.
This view makes everything seem small. You can imagine that the room must look huge to the children but through this view it seems small and nothing special.
This view gives the forest a supernatural feel. Most forests are crowded and you don't see their hidden paths. However, this view puts us in front of a mysterious trail.
With this view; it reinforces my observation of churches being extremely large and intimidating. They are practically built to make anyone who enters feel as small and insignificant as possible.
This view, while it shows the beauty of the canal, also shows the hard work of the people of Italy.
This is the grandest view of the Grand Canyon that anyone can see. It emphasizes it's beauty, vastness, and wonder.
This view puts right in the crowd, in a place where we can barely see Chirst, but we know he's there, we know he's going to get hurt and there's nothing we can do, so we feel helpless.
In this view,the pose that it's in makes seem like the Spanish actually fought the Inca's. Which is not entirely true. When they first landed, the Inca's thought they were Gods, so they didn't fight.
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