In this photo there is a white wall with a small skinny door hanging open letting a little light in. In front of this wall is about 34 skinny long rectangles. Some of them are overlapping and others are not. They are painted in such a way that when they are all combined together they show a face. The face I see is not totally connected, there are ears that are not totally connected to the face. I see color, shape, and space. In this picture the faces are the only things in color to make it stand out. Since the rest of the background is white, your eye is drawn to the color right away. You could also call this negative space. I picked shape because in the way the face is represented here is not what you typically see therefor your eye is drawn in to see what its all about. You don't normally see faces made up of a bunch of long rectangles. Space makes the artwork stand out also. Making the background white and dull makes the face stand out even more. 

Credits: All media
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