Action in Still Life

This gallery is to emphasize the communication of potential or immanent action in a work of art. Each work shows some sort of conflict, struggle, danger, or chaos that is communicated using various techniques such as line or contrast.

In this work, the struggle between the centaur and the carnivorous cats is the key ingredient in this work. The conflict is very forceful and tangible.
This work is very unique in that it communicates the intensity and danger present in nature. The figures retreating in this work really add to the tension in this work.
This depicts super-natural tension between God and his creation. You can see that destruction is immanent in this work.
The super-natural tension present in this work is also spiritual. There is a much bigger emphasis on the separation of good and evil in this work.
This work focus on the human struggle with sin and all of its results. Satan, the tempter, Sin, the temptation, and Death the result are all attacking the central figure in this work.
Credits: All media
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