Gallery of water

Each painting represents a body of water, which is my theme.

I liked the texture and colors of the grass in this picture.
This picture is very unique, it shows the ocean from an asian painting perspective. The letters stood out to me, This painting was also very abstract due to the hanging turtle.
This picture represents a true scene of the ocean which is why I chose it. The texture on the rock really stands out.
This painting is very realistic. I have visited Niagra falls and It brought back memories which is why I chose this picture.
The bright blue really stood out to me in this picture along with the sense of distance this picture expresses.
This painting is nonrepresentational yet it is still a picture of the ocean which I enjoyed,
This painting was also very realistic. It showed people on the beach, which I thought was interesting.
I liked the lines in this picture it brings out a textured appearance.
The focal point, which is the sun caught my attention.
This picture gives a different perspective. It has houses and many palm trees which give the picture a lot of texture. It looks as if it is an island which makes this painting different than the others i chose.
This painting is not a representation of a sea but it represents snow which is a form of water. I thought this picture went well with the theme from a different perspective of water.
Credits: All media
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