Who-Jan van Eyck What-Flemish painter Where-Netherlands Why-painted colorful paintings How-used oil based color
Who-Sandro Botticeli What-painted Birth of Venus and Madonnas Where-Italy Why- commissioned by patrons How- they paid him and forced him probably
Who-Michelangelo What-made sculptures Where-Italy Why-was good at sculpting How- through using his natural talent
Who-Francesco Petrarch What- Father of humanism Where- Italy Why- read original ancient classics How- went to monasteries
Who- Boccaccio What- wrote the Decamaron which depicts a worldly society Where- Italy Why-increased secularization at the time How- by writing stuff down
Who-Charles V What-Holy Roman Emperor Where-born in Burgundy Why-gets elected as Holy Roman Emperor because he's the Archduke of Austria How-tradition
who-Elizabeth I what- Queen of England, Elizabethean Settlement where- UK why- she was a daughter of Henry, interested in political unity how- by using her powers as queen
who-Henry VIII what- started Anglicanism where- UK why- wanted to have a male heir how- passing acts through parliament
who- Henry of Navarre what- becomes King of France where- France why- wants power probably how- other contenders of throne die, he converts to Catholicism
who- Catherine De Medici what- Regent in France where- France why- wants power how- controls her sons
who- Jane Seymour what- 3rd wife of Henry VII I where- England why- is pretty how- marries Henry after Anne is executed
who- Anne Boleyn what- marries Henry VIII where- England why- also wants power!!! how- makes the king promise to marry her, instead of just taking her as a mistress
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