Encaustic painting

This gallery shows examples of encaustic painting.  

Encaustic painting was used in the first and second centuries AD for mummy portraits painted onto the mummy case. It is a method of painting with beeswax, resin, and pigment.
In details, there are audio recordings explaining the use of encaustic paintings on mummies. This painting comes from the Kunsthistoriesches Museum in Vienna. "Street view" is available.
This is an encaustic piece which give me the creeps.
This is an example of encaustic used in a very controlled manner. The temperature of the wax, as well as the speed of application are critical.
Zoom in on this painting to get a sense of the texture that the wax lends to it.
Wax is used in a much looser style to express the feeling of the painting rather than the details.
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