Luca Giusti and Dylan Halpern's High Northern Renaissance Art Gallery

A compare and contrast of Northern Europe's most esteemed artists and their biblical and humanistic masterpieces.

This sketch is reminiscent of the later Gothic era rather than High Renaissance with it's idealized depiction of a "holy" Christ and overly religiously symbolic Virgin Mary.
This painting takes a much more humanistic focus in the Virgin and Child by depicting both as extremely human with nearly no religious symbols or supernatural detail.
This painting is a simplified version of the Crucifixion of Christ. The colors are much duller and diluted. The focal point remains on Jesus lying on the cross.
This painting brings out more vibrant colors and the addition of dozens of onlookers to Christ's crucifixion. The center piece is still Jesus yet he is in a significantly smaller area of space.
Note the angels in the upper corners of the painting which are painted in a more supernatural fashion than the more human onlookers at the bottom regarding the Dormition of the Virgin.
This picture depicts the battle between the righteous and rebel angels. Both are depicted as extremely fictional and biblical.
In this sketch out of the drawings of Hans Holbein the Elder, a Roman king is depicted on horseback in realistic fashion.
In this take on the Precision of the Magi, Pieter Bruegel takes a more humanistic approach to the biblical events leading up to Jesus' birth in depicting men on horseback travelling through the snow.
Credits: All media
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