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This is a collection of Roman Gods and Goddesses including Venus, Hercules, Adonis, and Aphrodite. Most of these gods and goddesses are also from Greek Mythology, but some are under different or the same names. There are multiple mediums which include marble sculptures, bronze sculptures, and paintings.  

Apollo was the Roman god of the sun. This sculpture has been damaged but is still very well preserved. This sculpture seems to be like many of the sculptures from the Roman Empire.
This piece depicts the Roman God Adonis who was mortally wounded while hunting being mourned by his lover Venus and Cupid. The piece has Adonis lying down in the middle, surrounded by the two others. It is a very detailed sculpture.
This is The Birth of Venus. It shows the goddess Venus coming out of the ocean surrounded by various other gods. in the painting venus is in the center of the painting. it's visually striking, and uses bright colors
This is a statue of Venus the goddess of love. She is depicted in one other piece in this gallery named The Birth of Venus. She is also the lover of Adonis the god of beauty. this statue is typical of Roman statues of the time. It is smooth, marble
This is a statue of The goddess Aphrodite. While they believe this is Aphrodite some believe that it is actually a statue of Hygieia. It is made of marble like most if not all of Roman Sculptures. and is an off white color.
This is a sculpture of Hercules, son of Zeus. He is depicted with a club in one hand and the skin of the Nemean Lion, his first labor. No other hero or god is depicted more than Hercules. He is depicted nude. the Greeks and Romans believed that male nudity was the pinnacle of beauty.
This painting is of Venus and Adonis the two lovers. Venus the goddess of love and Adonis the God of Beauty. in this painting adonis is about to go on the hunt that will end his life when he is killed by the boar. It is depicted with the two in the center of the painting. This painting is bright and has vibrant colors.
This painting depicts the hero Hercules battling the Hydra, where if one head gets cut off two more grow. He is shown wearing the skin of the lion he killed as his first labor. In this painting hercules is to the left and the Hydra is to the right. again it has bright and vibrant colors. No other hero or god is depicted more than hercules
Adonis and Venus were lovers. This is another paining of adonis going to leave to hunt a boar which venus begs him not to because it is too dangerous. They are both positioned in the center of the painting, and unlike many of the other paintings which are in color this one is in black and white.
This is a painting of hercules feeding a conquered Diomedes to his horses. this painting has hercules positioned close to the center of the composition, the dead king on the ground to the right, the horses above him, and someone begging on his knees at hercules' feet. while this paining isn't very vibrant, the colors are very deep.
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