Art Appreciation

By: Abigail Ogle 

I chose The Starry Night because I love the color scheme. I also love that van Gogh painted it with a visual texture.
Cotopaxi is just beautiful! I love paintings of landscape. Frederic Edwin Church has such a lovely way of portraying God's masterpiece of nature.
I absolutely love the way the mountains reach up into the clouds and the portrayal of light is just beautiful in this painting. I feel like I'm actually looking at this beautiful place.
I chose this painting because it is so elegant. I love the way their dresses flow in the wind and the way the women hold their hats. It reminds me of the beautiful walks I have taken on the beach.
This piece is just beautiful! I never knew what The Tower of Babel looked like and I think this artist does a great job of pulling you into the story.
I chose this work of art because I love the way that light is portrayed, and the shadows as well.
I have always had a special place in my heart for rainbows, but this painting with the mountains make me think of what they stand for (God's promise to not flood the earth again.)
I just read a book about Pompeii, this painting captures the feeling of terror that the people must have felt as they struggled to escape the nightmare.
I love this painting! It is so neat! It reminds me of Tom Sawyer when he had to whitewash the fence.
This painting is kinda sad... It shows just how awful the men must have felt on the battle field when they were immobilized by the gas that stung their eyes and throat.
Again. I love rainbows, but this painting is breath taking! You can see the rain pouring down but you have the promise that it will not flood the earth. You can just enjoy it.
I love this painting, it captures my imagination and takes me away to a tropical place.
This picture aptly captures what I imagine when I think about wars. They are brutal and brave men are forgotten...
I love the look on Alison's face. I think this is a beautiful painting. I love how I can imagine what they are saying and I feel involved.
This painting is beautiful. Many times I have received a letter and just like this woman, I have barely read it and I itch to respond.
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