This art galley includes looks at different paintings of different Greek mythos.

This drawing show Zeus as he is sitting on a chair and below him is a bird and above him there are two angels with trumpets.
This painting shows Zeus in the clouds in a chair with a black bird under him, You can also see him hold lighting bots in one of his hands.
This painting show Athena the goddesses of reason, art and literature. In the painting you can see Athena pushing away Mars, another god. This reflects my theme because it is a painting.
This drawing shows Athena with her spear and she is talking to a group of Muses. This drawing reflects my theme because it shows the goddesses and it is a drawing.
In this painting you can see poseidon as he is riding a sea horse with amphitrite in a clam with three men holding that clam.
In this painting it shows the wedding of Poseidon and Amphitrite as they are coming out of the sea. You can see in the middle of the painting Poseidon with his trident and his wife Amphitrite.
This painting show Hades the ruler of the underworld has he is kidnapping Proserpine on his chariot.
This painting shows Hades in the background as he watches Orphues and Eurydice as they walk away from him after Orphues had won his wife back against Hades.
In this painting you can see Hercules after a battle with Diomedes and he is feeding the dead Diomedes to his horses.
In this painting you can see the god hercules as he is fighting the creature, Hydra from the town of Lerna.
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