rebirth Of Women through Art - Zaneta Johnson

In this gallery are artworks from the Renaissance, which means rebirth. All of the artwork has one thing in common they show women in their element soft and nurturing giving their surroundings a sense of renewal.

mary is showing her love for her son jesus with angels watching over them
countess livia is protecting her daughter from the world
in this picture venus is trying to keep her lover from going to war. shows the nurturing spirit of a woman
In this picture madonna is caring for her children as they grow and explore the garden
In this painting the angel watches over the children as the try to play and she even steps in to help when needed
In this painting Armida takes Rinaldo away to the sky because she wants to be with him and she loves him. The love for him sender into her nurturing state.
In this painting Venus is asking her estranged husband to build armor for their son. She throws herself across her son as if pleading and protecting him.
In this painting the women are worshipping the magi. they are bowing down to his wonder.
In this painting cupid is placing a crown on venues head for her beauty. In this picture you see the soft nature of a woman
In this painting you see susanna the wife of the two men admiring her. She is curvy and soft as depicted in the painting women are seen as full figured
Credits: All media
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