Can you art it? 

All of the groovy pieces that I, Alicia Knutie, dig.

The United Existence was the first piece that I came across. It caught my attention while I was scrolling through the collections. The shading of the work gives off an illumination like it is glowing. It looks like tangled up pastel Christmas lights twinkling, and reminds me of innocence. The picture is fun, bright, and cheerful; it is a great example of modern art.
I like how Martino Almonte humanizes Mary and Jesus in his artwork. Almonte uses a very calm color scheme, and has all of the attention on the baby Jesus' face as it reflects the light and glows. Mary also seems as if she has a bit of light shining on her too. Their faces share similarities, adding to the humanity.
The colors in this piece by Shiho makes me think of early Spring, which is my favorite season. Just by looking at the picture I can hear the birds chirping and can smell the fresh bloomed flowers. I feel like it has an Oriental theme to it, which is probably accurate just by looking at the artist's name.
I think that The Blind Girl by Millais is my favorite that I have seen so far. It is a beautiful landscape piece, yet your attention is drawn specifically to the two girls. All of the beauty surrounding them, but the artist wants the focus on the blind girl's face so that the viewer is forced to feel sympathy for her.
I love this poem by Longfellow, and I feel like the butterflies compliment it very well. I think that it is really cool that the butterflies are placed in a pattern and how well all of the colors compliment each other. It is a very bright piece and really catches a passerby's attention.
I think that this is abstract art, but it kind of looks like a mountain range to me. The white portion looks like snow and the black looks light a night sky. I like how the focus is put on the most vibrant part of the picture. The darker colors in the background make it seem like it is 3-dimensional.
I like how there is no color in this piece, I think that adds more emphasis on what is going on in the picture itself. Although it is a bit sketchy and just simple lines, it is very dimensional. It looks as though the figure is walking towards the viewer. I like how its simple but still has something going on to catch your attention.
I think that I like this piece because it is so weird. It looks like a grown woman's head is on the body of a baby. I think that maybe the artist is trying to imply that even as an adult there is still a playful and innocent nature deep down inside of us all.
The title of this picture caught my attention before the piece itself. I like how the birds are the woman's hair. I think that this might be like street graffiti, which is one of my favorite styles of art. I think that her facial expression is pretty interesting too. It looks like she is not all that free, especially since the birds are not flying.
The crucifixion of Christ has always been a main focus in art and I think that this one caught my attention because it is an original take on the event in history. It has an elegant feel to the sculpture because it shines; I think that it might be made out of a type of metal. It looks modern even though it was made so long ago.
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