Follow the journey and obstacles of the individuals in this series as they seek out self happiness.

Fresh out of college? Felt like the man while you were there? Not everybody is ready for the real world, even the big man on campus isn’t so big and bad especially when he’s out on his own... Sooo why not have a guideline to follow? The search for understanding and happiness is one that every person takes up and it is something that started hundreds of years ago. You will follow Gilgamesh (King of Uruk) in his quest for immortality relating each barrier he faces to the ones in your own life. As he gradually matures and realizes what is actually important to him you to will grow curious. Looking deeper as to what it is that your true purpose is. The book takes on everything that a young person of this generation will face; Love, Friendship, Death, Fear and how to cope with each and every one. Follow Gilgamesh’s journey into finding himself and take away the free life lessons that the book provides “The Epic of Gilgamesh is a must read for the younger generation. Moving into adolescence can be one of the toughest times for people and this book gives you a basis on what you may encounter” – Critic #1 “This book will humble you as well as open your eyes up to the real world” – Critic #2
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