The Colors Of Art

Fantastic landscape art piece by John Brett with some beautiful colors expressing happy emotions.
The "Work" art piece by Ford Madox Brown uses quite a lot of shades of red which blend in very well with the other colors in the piece.
Another great landscape piece by Ford Madox Brown. Again he is using a various amount of shades of red that perfectly blend in with the two people sitting on the left side of the artwork and the nice bright green grass,
This is by far one of my most favorite art pieces because it uses colors and pictures of actual people to represent their emotion. A huge plus point is the US Dollar bill at the top that gets torn apart showcasing the freedom for the Vietnam people from the US troops.
This art piece show cases a pile clothes with a mixture of different colors that doesn't really mix together, representing mess.
"Night Wing" is a s**er simple design object by Anne Truitt and she used the blue color to lighten ** the object.
Camille Corot uses some great bright green colors to blend in with the house that is lit by the sun.
Nakamura Tsune uses a light source to show the emotion of the person in his artwork.
"The Betrayal of Christ" uses some great colors that represent fear and anger. In this case the dark area is casting a shadow over Jesus showing that he is feared and the bright fire showing the anger from the Romans.
Great contrast between the colors black and white. The white section representing the black figure in this art pieces.
Waterloo Bridge is a great art piece that uses a mixture of bright blue and white. The bright blue showing the water under the bridge and the industrial buildings showing ** through the heavy smog which is represented by the white color.
Thomas Eakins uses the traditional baroque art style where he has the main source of light focusing on the two men wrestling.
Georges de La Tour did a great job using the flame of the candle light ** the **per chest area and ****** region of the person in this art work. Including the detailed dark *****.
Joseph Edward Southall did a great job using the blue, yellow and red colors to blend in with the green bush in the background. The three colors make the figures in his art piece stand out.
The last piece of my art gallery is by Bernardo Strozzi and in this art piece he used the spectacular baroque art style and with this he helps the viewer take a closer look at the emotion that the mother and her two children have. What's great about this art work is that the lighting source acts like a spotlight that you can find in a theater .
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