Slavic Art

By Benjamin B., Nikolas D., and Freeman L.--- Nikolas and I (Ben) know of a fairytale witch from Russia named Baba Yaga, my mom's grandparents were Russian, and Freeman agreed to work with us. Slavic countries, especially Russia, have many beautiful artworks, and we showcase a few in our gallery. We have learned about different Slavic artists, and this project has also delved further into how elements and principles are worked into art, as you will read in the didactic panels. Here is the link:

This piece is Russian and therefore Slavic. It depicts a quiet countryside. These are scattered throughout Russia and the autumns are beautiful there.
This piece is Russian and therefore Slavic. It shows a snow-capped hillside with a cathedral in the background. Being a more recent painting, there is a good chance you can travel to this exact place.
This sculpture is Russian and therefore Slavic. This young boy is presumably a member of the Romanov royal family, who reigned from 1613 to 1917.
This sculpture is Ukrainian and therefore Slavic. Yaroslav the Wise was a prince of Novgorod and Kiev. His coffin has Christian symbols, including a cross and palm leaves.
This piece is Hungarian, so it's not exactly Slavic, but it is in a Slovakian museum. Aladar Andrassy was a Hungarian soldier and politician who was a member of the House of Magnates.
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