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Our Mission: Stella’s Press was founded in 1884 by Russell Conwell with the ultimate mission of inspiring individuals to live their best lives! We are a publishing company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that specializes in the publication of self-help books. Every part of our collection gives deeper meaning to life. Each addition helps the individual build a quality or characteristic that we see as necessary for happiness. The authors we work with are astute, interesting, captivating, and some of the most prominent historians, scientists, and philosophers of all time. We like to learn from the best and brightest!

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Working by Studs Terkel Feeling as if you need some direction in your life? Frustrated with where you are at your age? Or maybe you’re just entering the work field and trying to find the perfect job. Everyone wants to navigate the working world prepared with what to expect in each different field. Read this collection of accounts from various workers throughout history to understand the important role of work in achieving true happiness. Take some of the lessons that these workers have learned and incorporate them into your own life. Meet George Allen, the football coach whose consuming desire to achieve makes him believe that “The only time you relax is when you win (Terkel 386).” Meet Kay Stepkin, a baker whose impact in the local community proves that there is an honesty and wholeness in working for passion rather than monetary gain. And last but not least, meet Barbara Terwilliger, whose experience as a typist, employment agency worker, actress, saleswoman, and railroad engineer proved to her that “work is gorgeous” (Terkel 553) in creating a sense of creative fulfillment and ultimately a meaning to life. Finding meaningful work can be a daunting task, finding happiness an even more daunting task. But with this unique assortment of guidance from all these different workers, you will be on the right track in no time! President Obama: “I recommend this book to anyone out there who is looking for more meaning in life. And I’m getting Sasha and Malia each a copy for Christmas.”
Utopia by Thomas More In a world where sheep have become blood-thirsty killers and “chicks recognize and follow human beings around as if they were their mothers” (More 55), anything seems possible! Welcome to Utopia, the land of ultimate perfection. It hardly sounds appealing after that description, huh? Thomas More’s novel is sure to capture your attention and provide some insight on the various odd traditions that the Utopians live by in their fictional world. More’s detailed 1516 exploration of the consequences of an ideal world exposes the dangers of seeking out perfection in life. These dangers are blown up on a large scale at the societal level, but there is a lot to learn for the eager individual hoping for a happier life! As it turns out, perfection is a sad, empty promise (disguised and wrapped up in a nice gift box, with a bow and everything). It comes with a steep price tag: reduced freedom, mundane predictability in everyday life, stagnant complacency in work, and a large handful of other unintended consequences. As the title Utopia implies, perfection is not even close to reality. And furthermore, it is unattainable in that it can’t be quantified. If ever you are feeling uninspired or unworthy, just pick up this book, escape into the Utopian world, and you will understand that there is beauty (and maybe even necessity) in imperfection. Donald Trump: “I would recommend this book 100%. As your future President, I swear to you that any American who doesn’t read it is a fool.”
Letter to the Grand Duchess of Christina of Tuscany by Galileo Galilei Cringing at the mere thought of the “C” word? Hoping to make some strides in your personal and professional life by building CONFIDENCE? Well, we have the perfect guide for you! Dive into Galileo Galilei’s Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany to learn just what it takes to be a confident individual. One of the best ways to begin your journey is to simply speak up! Speak up for yourself and speak up for your beliefs. Galileo’s letter, in which he defends his scientific findings, teaches individuals to get their ideas across without coming off as offensive or pushy. During his time, Galileo held drastically different beliefs than the majority view, claiming that “I hold the sun to be situated motionless in the center of the revolution of the celestial orbs while the earth revolves about the sun (Galileo 1).” But he did not give in to social pressure to conform, and he changed the scientific world forever. From this, you can learn to reach for the stars (pun intended), become an independent thinker, and stand up for your beliefs. We can’t emphasize how important and necessary this skill is. Take the first step toward becoming a more confident individual, and see immediate results in your life! Bill Nye the Science Guy: “I would definitely tell all the youngsters out there to read this! It’s a great way to build confidence and learn about the scientific mind!”
The Nature of Things by Lucretius Having a quarter-life crisis? How about a mid-life crisis? Any age-related crisis in general? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Lucky for you, Dr. Lucretius, a wise philosopher from ancient Rome, is here to help! Look no further than his groundbreaking book The Nature of Things for a better understanding of how to live a better life. Dr. Lucretius has all the answers to achieving ataraxia, the state of peace and tranquility that everyone strives for. If you feel that you are not where you need to be at your age, remember this: “Death is nothing to us; it concerns us not a jot” (Lucretius 97). Do not fear death and do not try to “add” happiness onto your life to “live more” because you fear you are running out of time. You will only live as long as is meant to be; that is just how cosmos works. So you might as well be happy in the moment and appreciate what you have. Spend some time feeding your mind with knowledge and seek out as much pleasure as you possibly can without becoming self-destructive (that’s right, one night stands will not be judged here). But heed this warning: make sure to constantly moderate your desires! Greed is not the way to true fulfillment. If you have less desire, it is simple logic that you will be more easily satisfied. This will be your true path to happiness. So pick up this book and get ready for a large dose of unique Epicurean wisdom that is sure to improve your life! Adele: “This book helped me get closer to true peace with myself! Try it out, and you will see it work miracles in your life!”
The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan Calling all women! Bored of being a housewife? Tired of seeing yourself as a wife, mother, and nothing more? Exhausted from doing the same old thing every single day? If you are feeling this “strange stirring, [...] sense of dissatisfaction” (Friedan 1) in your life, look no further. We want you to know that you are not alone. We have deemed this phenomenon “the problem that has no name” (Friedan 1) and we’re on a mission to help solve it! The first step is being able to talk about it openly and shamelessly. Betty Friedan’s 1963 book The Feminine Mystique is an amazing tool for women empowerment. It encourages women to demand more out of their life. You will discover a whole world beyond the home, where you can learn and grow everyday rather than feeling stuck in place. Understand the benefits of being unconventional; learn that conformity is not the way to personal or societal progress. Build something just for yourself, whether by yourself or with other women. Achieve your wildest dreams with the knowledge that you can overcome anything that is in your way. And above all, embrace the strength and beauty of womanhood. Take charge of your life today! Oprah: “This is such an uplifting book for women who come from all walks of life. It’s a real call to action!”
The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison Feeling frustrated that you aren’t being understood? Experiencing a block in your relationships with your peers, friends, or family? Here’s some unconventional advice from Leslie Jamison: try to understand someone else for a change. Who knows, maybe then someone will try to understand you. By detailing her experience as a medical actress, Jamison provides some extremely valuable insight about the inner workings of empathy. The lessons that she learns over time can enhance your life if you implement them into your life. “Empathy isn’t just listening, it’s asking the questions whose answers need to be listened to.” Open up conversation with others...hearing someone out gives them the comfort of knowing that someone else cares enough to share their burden. “Empathy requires inquiry as much as imagination (Jamison 5).” Try your best to understand things from another perspective. “Empathy requires you knowing you know nothing (Jamison 5).” Be humbled by your blessings and learn through others’ experiences. “Empathy means acknowledging a horizon of context that extends perpetually beyond what you can see (Jamison 5).” Remember that everyone comes with a personal history that continues to shape who they are. With these tips in mind, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You’d be surprised about how much you could learn about yourself. Ellen DeGeneres: “Loving others will help you love yourself! And your cats.”
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