Albrecht Durer: Prints

This gallery features several of Albrecht Durer's prints. I have chosen Durer's prints because I have a decent amount of experience with all kinds of printmaking processes. I gain much inspiration from duress's prints.

Durer creates a bisymmetric balance in this woodcut that could lead the viewer through the work from the middle and then into two different directions.
The steadiness of Durer's hand is shown throughout his woodcut prints. Being a printmaker myself, it amazes me how he could get such fine details, especially with a medium as difficult and unforgiving as woodcut printing.
In this woodcut, as well as the others represented, durer fills almost every space with a detail of some sort. This reminds me of the term "horror vacuui" or a fear of empty space. Many of Durer's works up to this point seem to express the idea of horror vacuui.
In the three engravings presented Durer seems to have changed stylistically. He seems to add fewer details and not fill in every portion of space with figures. Instead, he emphasizes the most important elements of the artwork.
In this engraving , Durer distinguishes and emphasizes the foreground . He creates a kind of atmospheric perspective by making the figure in the very front of the space darkest and leaving the background white.
This is a very unique engraving that Durer created. It is one of very few landscape prints he made and the viewer doesn't necessarily have to focus on the subject in the foreground , but can go back in space and really enjoy the relationship between foreground and background.
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