color in landscapes of nature

Nature is full of wonderful colors, landscapes, and form. In here i will talk about how color chance a landscape, from the way we see it to how we feel when we see it. Also the difference in hight quality detail to low detail in the painting. This gallery was done by Reynaldo Ripoll.

This painting that we see here is a very high detailed painting. The reason this is here is because the colors of the painting tell a story like if it was about to be night time.
In this Van Goah there is no detail to the landscape, but again the color makes a big part of this painting. Bright hued colors fill the night sky making is feel like its moving.
Again we have a detail painting but the story here is being played by the colors. The green vast filed with the sun light coming in makes it feel like this is a wonderful place like you are there.
This painting looks like a photograph with all its details. the blue sky and files make it feel like you're in the country side in mid day.
The dark colors in this painting make it seem questionable, due to the bright blue sky. It just seem off in a way. Because you have the dog to the left and thats where its the darkest.
in this painting the sky and landscape is dark like its about to rain. The colors portray this effect due to the musky one palet color.
This painting looks like its in the rain forest. The color here are dark and wet like the rain forest. The trees and plant make this painting look and feel like its about to rain.
The color here Are very light, no darks, and the brush strokes are very clear. This land scape is simple minimum detail and beautifully done. It feel like this is in a calm day.
This is another painting the has very clear brush strokes. This painting with solid colors tells a story of the far life. The colors here also tell of the story of how the day is.
this painting the last painting has some detail but the artist shows us how he did it with his brush strokes. the one tree in the center grabs your eye because of its color.
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