This work reminded me of the art of my favorite artist , Camille Rose Garcia. The image holds a darkness to it while using bright popping colors that jump at the viewer through the emphasis given by the black.
Begin a big fan of graffiti I found this an easy choice. The colour scheme is organized and presents a modern clean look that goes well with its almost cubism-themed design.
Taking the concept of using iconic images from the world of pop art, this photo uses bright colors and cubism to put a modern twist on the old war vet photo.
a mrs classic style , this post impressionist painting was chosen because of how its beautiful colors give life to a past scene, use blue highlighting to make the images reach out to the viewer.
I picked this simply because it has three of my favorite traits that i look for in art; it's bright, it's street art, and it seams to be done with light hearted intentions. and overall fun and beautiful piece.
Being a big fan of contrast, I decided to add this to collection. This very detailed design done in black and white is given a new edge with small splashed of colour.
The bizarre abstract titles with bright blues caught my eye. The complete uniqueness of each square is incredible to experience visually and the use of blues against white give it an almost dream-like look
The classic Van Gogh "Starry Night" has always been a personal favorite of mine. The bright blues and yellows and strange wild strokes all make for an incredibly beautiful design
This image is bright and completely strange-it is for that reason that i chose it. It is work that has very little chance of being repeated with a meaning that makes me ponder. It's colors create excitement and chaos making this an even more interesting image.
this image is very modern, very cutting edge and very bold yet simple. The basic shapes and bright bold colour choices make the overall image fierce and striking.
Normally realistic art work doesn't interest me, but upon realizing that this image was done with fabric I soon changed my mind. This lively coloured scene is given a new texture with the use of fabric.
the different values of blue create an interesting illusion of depth, the light layers creating a glass-like effect. Overall I personally found the piece visually exhilarating and refreshing due to its cold colour template
I enjoy this for many reasons but mainly for its playful humor. the absurdity of the deer with a hat brings me joy, as I always believe art should have personality to it. the colour scheme of the green with the single touch of blue adds emphasis to the humor being noted in the use of the hat.
This image makes me think of a vintage version of Andy Warhol's pop art. The colors and harsh contrast makes everything pop and they harsh lines prove to create a striking image
Though very simple, I actually find myself drawn to this creation. I enjoy abstract and find a peaceful happiness in the simplicity in these vidid colors splatter on the page.
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