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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of Impressionism. Early on, he worked in a porcelain factory and learned how to paint small details. Often, he visited the Louvre, which exposed him to artworks by Boucher, Fragonard, and Watteau. When he went to Italy on a trip, he was also exposed to the works of Raphael and other Renaissance artists. All of these aspects influenced his technique that set him aside from other artists. His works tend to capture real-life scenarios and his themes were always pleasant and non-serious. He tended to paint youthful portraits of his associates. It's rumored that Renoir only used five colors in his palette, which he used to create and mix new colors. His work is easily identifiable by his use of bright colors and bold lines, with a sunny, optimistic outlook. 

Boating Couple' is a great example of Renoir's works because he tended to focus on drawing people, using bright colors and mixing different shades.
This is an example of his real-life scenario paintings- the people are youthful and he uses colors like blue, pink, white, green, etc.
This is a painting of a woman, which was his most common theme among his paintings. The background of the woman is a mix of darker green and yellow colors, whereas the woman is subtle bright colors.
Once again, he created a real-life scenario, but this painting focuses more on the surroundings than the people. The outlook is sunny and optimistic, and the people are dressed in bright clothes.
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