Mother Nature

This gallery includes different artworks of landscapes with unique painting techniques that depicts the beautiful views of mother nature expressing different moods. They all include space perspective and a sense of texture through the use of various artistic elements such as lines, shading and colors.

The "Ruined Tower (Mediterranean Coast Scene with Tower)" depicts a shattered tower on the hill overlooking the water with a stormy, cloudy artistic colors and texture for the sky in 3d space
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley depicts a beautiful sunset rising and the snow on the ground leaving. Beautiful loud colors,a mountain lit by the sunset with clouds and texture behind it in three dimensional perspective
The Greatest and Holiest of Tangla from Shambahala depicts the Tangla mountain range in Tibet in the daytime. With wonderful texture and color in the sky and field, this portrait stands out with snow mountains in 3d space
Scenery in the grand Tetons depicts The vision of water and sheer mountain heights and the theatrical deployment of storm clouds and slanting light, in a three dimensional space with much texture and color
Views Across Frenchman's Bay depicts the setting sun in this evocative landscape full of texture, creates a sweeping panorama in American wilderness expressing ideas through warm colors of the bay clearing while the sky and sea interacts with the power of nature in a space perspective
Landscape from Stenbjerg with moon is an oil on wood portrait that depicts a location in existence while the moon is setting. A 3-d road that has a vanishing point. Including strong lines that create texture throughout the entire portrait but remains detailed enough to see the intended mood and feel of the work
Moonlit Landscape with a View of the New Amstel River and Castle Kostverloren depicts a nocturnal landscape with the moon standing out, moonlight highlighting the atmosphere around it at night with bright clouds in the far behind dark trees surrounding the river. with great detail of space perception, the textures from the sky and clouds compliment it
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley depicts a dreamy effect of Yosemite sunrising due to the golden light. With towering mountains in the background that include wonderful lines of texture, this portrait stands out. The position and perspective of the objects in the picture are extremely realistic. I also like the texture and color of the clouds with the gold light shining. The texture and patterns on the trees are eye catching
A Cloudy Day, Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas is a really nice oil on canvis portrait depicting the beautiful land near Austin Texas covered in bluebonnets. With an outstanding texture for the sky and good details in the trees. A very realistic scene, the bluebonnets and grass lines shows great artistic skill creating a sense of texture.
New England landscape depicts a ambitious scenery which serves as a symbol for all of New England. The cosmic landscape explored land and sea, combining the elements of explorer and artist art expression at this period taught the people to love beauty and to find it. The vibrant colors and texture from the clouds hovering over this beautiful landscape organized in this perfect visual perception makes this portrait be easily noticeable
Credits: All media
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