Examples of Elements of Art 

Color, shape, line, texture, space, form, value

The artist uses a variety of line techniques to give detail to the objects in the work. There are diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines used in both hatching and cross hatching.
This is an example of shape. The composition is made up of overlapping squares and free form shapes.
This is an example of color. The artist used a variety of colors. The colors are vibrant and make the people figures pop out. The dominant colors might be red or green.
This piece is an example of space. The artist uses perspective, specifically one point perspective, to portray the illusion of depth in the work.
Van Gogh is an artist who uses a lot of texture in his work. His brush strokes in different directions add detail and uniqueness to his paintings. This landscape captures movement very well.
This is an example of value. The artist shows depth and form by using different values. The grass is a darker value while the hands have a lighter value
This is an example of form. The artist uses different colors and values to show the craters in the moon. They appear to be sticking out and curving in.
Credits: All media
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