Op Art

Op art, also known as optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces in black and white. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibrating patterns, or of swelling or warping.

Black and white waves use value in this Op Art piece.
Movement in Squares draws the eye to the center and to the back vanishing point.
Cataract 3 gives the viewer the feeling of movement in waves and uses color.
This uses a black velvet box and cardboard on turntables that really rotate!
This is 2 dimensional.
This artist uses primary colors and their contrasts, as well as his use of black and white to make this piece.
the wavy forms here flow across the whole canvas surface.
In this work the movement is an optical illusion, these volumes move and change depending on the position of the viewer.
Carlos Cruz-Diez creation in 2007
With his Zobops, this artist uses tape to create movement on the floor. Op Art is everywhere!
Conversation (1992) belongs to a new body of work inspired by the natural colours and pigments of Bridget Riley.
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