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The Neoclassical art period gained its inspiration from Roman and Greek ideas. However, since the Neoclassical art period was occurring during the French Revolution and the battles of Napoleon, it is no surprise paintings were made of these events. However, it is easy to compare the Neoclassical art period with the Baroque. (with characteristics such as contrast)

It is easy to tell which person is Napoleon in this picture. The man riding the white horse, Napoleon, is clearly the first thing that your eye is drawn to. Neoclassical art was during the French Revolution and the end of the Napoleonic Wars. This picture is clearly Napoleon at war, which perfectly fits in the Neoclassical art period.
The Yusupov was a noble family in Russia. Napoleon did attempt to invade Russia, but failed due to things like the harsh climate. Even though this painting was painted before the invasion(1812), it reminded me of the attempt. The painting overall gives a stern, heroic feeling. However, the background is dull and doesn't have many details. It kinda looks like he is on a beach with the waves in the background.
This picture reminds me of the Baroque art period. The contrast between light and dark can be seen with the darkness of the background, and the lightness of the peoples' skin. The women in this picture, and maybe even the little girl in white, seem to have no emotion. The only emotion would be in the little girl's face (the one in brown).
Yet again, the focus point of this picture appears to be Napoleon riding on his white horse. This pictures shows another one of his battles. The Neoclassical art period was occurring during his numeral battles, which makes it no surprise paintings were made showing them. Also, Baroque characteristics can be found in this painting.. the left and right of this picture is clearly darker than the center.
Marie-Antoinette was the Queen of France and the spouse of Louis XVI. They reigned during part of the French Revolution but were killed by the guillotine. The women of France were not very happy with Marie, and even destroyed her bedroom. However, this painting has a dramatic contrast between dark and light. The background is almost all black, and the lightness of her skin makes Marie stand out.
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