Native america portraiture and culture.

In this exhibition I will use galleries to focus on native america portraiture and culture, I will give a brief explanation about every portrait. Native American are presumed to be the first people to dwell in United States of America. Before immigrants began to arrive from various places of the world which mostly include Europe.

In this Portrait we review the Native American man, who looks like he holds a certain rank in the community either as an elder man. We get this information by how he is dressed from top to bottom and what he holds
The headdress is common in Native America Culture. It is usually worn by men who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe, even though before that they were usually worn in battles, and are know seen to be worn during ceremonies.
The Native American coat represent the respect for the spirit and also is used to keep them warm given that they never lived inside houses, there source of warmth was only when they lit fires and narrate stories.
The women dresses were not only designed and decorated to be aesthetically pleasing but also gave specific information about the wearer. Certain symbols of the dress referred to the woman's tribe or marital status.
The footwear of Native America was used in cold and harsh climates. Wearing the boots and Moccasins were essential to keep the feet from freezing, even though in warm weather most of Native American did not wear the footwear mostly.
Native Americans had many types of dances e.g fancy, ghost, gourd, grass, hoop, Hopi snake, rain, stomp, sun, war, and festival dances. In this case festive dance was used to celebrate a certain festive in their culture.
The Akan Drum were one of the tools Native Americans used in their festivals. they would hit the drum which would produce a music.
Native American lived in a Teepee, a Teepee is build using a number of long poles as the frame. The poles were then tied at the top. In the summer they would raise it up to create a large gap in bottom to allow flow of air and during winter the would add grass to the Teepee to keep them warm while inside.
The mask in native america represent the sun, the sun was viewed as an indication of power. Unanimously the sun was of great importance since it is the provider of light, warmth, and facilitator of crops
The Bandolier bag in native america was worn by men, they used the bag to carry things such as medicine. They were considered of great decor and men that wore them were very admired by others.
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