The Austrian Experience during World War I

McKaley Boston 

This artifact, a lottery ticket, was not mentioned in the readings of Chapter 27. Lotteries were held during the war to support the Warfare Fund. The then four year old in this picture was a Crown Prince Otto.
This picture show propaganda in the time during the war. It can describe what the war could have looked like although it is propaganda so, the artists would tend to exaggerate. This was displayed on a picture sheet which was a very popular form of propaganda.
This is a missing civilians from a prisoner of war camp. This paper is passed through the Central Office which was a very important place because the communication of military personnel, sending letters, and money to other places where needed.
This is a picture of Emperor Franz Joseph very enlarged and towering over his army. It is on a postcard and below the words read parts of their National Anthem.
This picture was something not mentioned in Chapter 27 but interesting. It is an Announcement War Coffee and tells what is inside a cup of coffee.
This is a children's drawing of an execution of a member of the Imperial Council. It shows what he expects the scene to look like although it is nothing like reality. Children's drawings were not mentioned in Chapter 27.
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