fundamentals of my faith - Michelle Bryant 

This is the story of Jesus Christ who is the central and defining figure of the Christian faith. These pictures are a collection of paintings that serve as a visual representation of the biblical story of the ministry of Christ. This journey starts with the forerunner to Christ then the story takes us through pivotal times in Christ's relationship with the twelve disciples and ends at the resurrection of Christ. Some of the various artists showcased use dark backgrounds and light characters to create drama and contrast. They also used tone to depict movement and texture in the garments.  

John the baptist known as the forerunner of Christ is pictured here. He is seated with head bowed maybe to depict his humble nature. He is wearing a bright colored sash in front of a dark background.
The Baptism of Christ. This painting is vibrantly colored to evoke happy feelings. The females are dressed in a manner that more invokes a sense of Italy than Israel.
Early in his ministry he casts the merchants selling merchandise out of the temple. The golden color reminds me of money. The gold and rich red tones makes this painting look lavish.
This painting depicts Christ calling his disciples to a life of ministry. I love the colors used here. The variation of tones on the ground and the garments worn makes everything more real.
A beautiful depiction of Christ and the disciples on the boat returning from fishing. Check out the detail. The nets are full of fish and the artist used color to create movement in the water as well as to create texture.
This picture is set in a very dark background, but it's wonderful how the artist uses color and value to bring out the characters in this piece. The characters almost glow in this painting.
This picture of the last supper looks bright and celebratory although we all know what happens after this. The use of primary and secondary colors does a lot to enhance the celebratory mood of this piece.
Christ in a dark background echoes the mood: somber and ominous. Christ is bright and stands out yet his head is hung down. The other characters are dressed in black marking their dark intentions. The painting perfectly reflects the atmosphere that surrounds the events that leads up to the crucifixion of Christ.
Set to a purple black background. The image of the cross is center stage. It is balanced by the two on lookers adorned in primary colors.
The scene in the garden is a symphony of shades of greens, yellows and browns. Christ of course is in white. I love the fact that one side is dark signifying death and the other side is bright depicting life.
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