Fernandez Monzerrat Value: Element of art gallery

The image "Apache Camp In Hondo Canon, New Mexico" is value distribution (balanced) because it doesn`t concentrate on using one color more than the rest it has a balanced amount use of colors.
This image represents/shows chiaroscuro because it shows low contrast, dark background, and clear central light source.
The image "The Conferring of the Name of Jesus" shows high contrast a broad range of light to dark values.
This shows low contrast because there`s no dark black or white it mostly has grey.
The image shows volumetric because it shows a 3-dimensional figure.
This image is attached shadow because it has the shadow attached to the mirror.
This image "clover" shows value scale because the clover has black, gray, some white basically it shows the transition from a light to dark. At the base of the color you can see some white then gray and as it goes up you see some black.
This image shows atmospheric perspective because it shows an illusion of space being used.
This image "New York City" shows cast shadow because the cars in the top right corner are casting a shadow.
This image "A Snowy Night" shows value distribution (unbalanced) because it uses more blue than white if it was 50% use of white and 50% use of blue it would be balanced.
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