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Perspective in different pieces of art

This creates a very 3d feeling and a lot of depth.
This makes you feel like you're really there and give a good sense of depth.
This is a unique perspective that I feel like isn't seen in a lot of paintings.
The way the people are larger and smaller than each other creates a focal point and the depth in the background creates a more realistic feeling instead of a flat image.
This painting gives you the feeling that you're sitting on that roof staring down and pulls you into it making it seem realistic.
The way the colors change in what is further away and everything is angled it creates a realistic perspective.
This is another good example of how changing the colors of certain objects can help to create the look of them being further way than other objects and I believe this painting represents creating perspective well.
I chose this because it is a different perspective, sort of looking down at an angle of this marina. I found it interesting because I haven't seen many paintings with this sort of angle that also create so much depth and realism.
I though this was a really cool painting because the way that this dish is painted is very 3d like you're standing right in front of it.
This painting is very simple, the background very plain, but i think it has unique perspective because usually in portrait like paintings were looking at the focal point head on and in this painting were looking from behind, like were walking up to her.
This painting is not as realistic or detailed as some others i've chose but i believe it sill is a good example of perspective and how you can create a good sense of perspective without have a very clean perfect detailed painting. It can be messy and blurry but still put a sense and point of view.
This is also a point of view you don't see as frequently in pictures and paintings. It is as if your standing on the street looking up at this building and I enjoy that a piece of art can make you feel like you're in that situation.
This is an example of a very simple painting that creates a lot of depth. The way the perspective is used, this painting takes your eye very far into the painting.
Similar to one other piece of art I chose, this is a painting that isn't perfectly detailed and clear but creates the depth and length in this street.
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