Angels & Demons: where there is light, darkness follows (Jose baez)

This gallery will present different works of art that has angels and/or demons as their subject. This is mostly made with the purpose of seeing and analyzing the differences and similarities of how each artist represents and visualizes these soldiers of the afterlife in their respective cultural believes and mediums of work.

In this painting, we can see the great battle that happened between angels and the others who followed Lucifer falling from heaven. This scene is chaotic, especially when you see the transformation of the angels into creatures that we would think are demons. The many figures shown on this piece of art make some kind of horizontal line right in the middle of the painting, making two sides where it is unbalanced.
This one has the same title as the first one in the gallery, but we can see a lot of differences between them. Here we have one angel taking on and defeating five fallen angels. This painting is less chaotic than the other one and its more detailed on the definition of the bodies. The contrast with the light and dark parts of the picture makes us see clearly only three of the fallen while leaving the other two almost not noticeable.
In this stone sculpture, yet another illustration of angels being victorious over the demons. This time, the demos are being represented as dragons which is more on how they have always been described as for centuries. One of the angels and demons are made with greater height and proportions than the other two. This makes us believe that the angel is actually the Archangel Michael and the demon on his feet Lucifer.
This painting is covering the same idea of the previous painting, only with a couple of differences. The angel is holding a key in his right hand instead of a weapon and is trying to chain Satan down. This can be depicted as Michael incarcerating Satan in Hell. The colors used and the technique used to blend them and making it look like smoke makes the environment of this painting one of pain, suffering and defeat.
We can see here that there is a man who appears to be ill, laying in bed and surrounded by priests. By the foot of the bed, there are a lot of demons. Beside his head and above the, there are angels. This is showing a practice made by the catholic church to ensure that the man's soul is saved and delivered to heaven. The angels and demons are just a symbol of where he would go. Although the painting is centuries old, there is great detail and with division of sections created by the state between the figures.
This is a pine-carved sculpture of an angel. On his right hand, he has a trumpet which he is blowing. On his left hand, he has a lance with a flag attached to it. We could say this represents what angels are made for. They are warriors of God ready to fight evil (the lance) and also there to cherish and praise through song and music (the trumpet). Lines are very well used to detail the clothing and wings.
In this wood panel painting, we see that the saint Anthony the Abbot is being bullied and harassed by a group of little demons. His left hand and head are pointing upwards, looking for some peace and salvation from Jesus (last figure on the top of the painting).The right hand stretched representing a symbol of mercy and the cane which is symbol of leadership in the catholic church. We can also see the use of geometric figures on the floor, patterns mostly used on the flooring of catholic churches.
We can see on this manuscript the martyr Josaphat being attacked by two demons. Here we can see how the demons have goats heads, which they are always said to be a symbol of Satan. It doesn't posses a lot of detail like the other works of art we ha presented so far. But we can observe the highly use of geometric figures to create the hills where the scene is happening and the lines used in the clothes giving a tridimensional look to the plain manuscript.
This ink and color on paper woodblock print has a scene where what are consider the demons of illness and poverty are trying to get to the gods on the other side. Since the demons are already named, I would deduct that the gods they are chasing are gods of wealth because of the full bag they are carrying. Lines are used to create great details on each character and a great emphasis on the bag, making it the biggest thing on it. The demon on the left is not proportioned right, so it seems deformed and damaged.
In this painting, is clear that is someone sitting in what it seems like a chaotic environment. It's saying that is a demon because of the green grayish color of the skin, the black eyes and scaring on the face. Unlike everything we have seen, this one has a different look and attitude. It looks like he is sad and contemplating on the distant sunset on the left side. Seems almost human. The brush action and contrast of the colors makes the painting fell like there is movement and that is active. It also creates the dark and ominous feeling with a chaotic background.
Credits: All media
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