Life During the Great Depression

The Social Security Act created the Social Security system in the United States. The original purpose of the Social Security Act was to provide assistance to those who were unable to work.
The Securities and Exchange Commission enforces the federal security laws. It was created during the 1930's because of Security Exchange Act of 1934.
A Shantytown was is a little settling area made of boxes, spare pieces of plywood, or anything made to make a shelter. They often lack sanitation, water, electricity, and basic human needs.
Dorothea Lange was a photographer best known for her pictures during the Great Depression. One of her famous pictures was the Migrant Mother which was a picture of a mother and her kids. Because of this photo, Lange received the Gunnenhein Prize.
The picture by Dorothea Lange was of a mother of 7. The mother, her kids, and her husband had settled to camp at a pea-pickers farm where over 3000 people were also camping out.
The Civilian Conservation Corps was created to help provide jobs to young men between 17 and 28 years old. This helped them with clothing, shelter, and food, and also gave them $30 a month for work. This was created because of the New Deal.
People who did not have a place to live during the Great Depression usually hopped from train to train. They would hide along the trains because people were hired to keep hobos off the trains. They hopped on trains to go look for work somewhere else.
Because of the major drought during the Great Depression, it was easier to start the construction of the Hoover Dam. The drought aloud for the workers to start pouring cement because there was not a lot of water in the way.
The Tennessee Valley Authority provided navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee Valley during the Great Depression. TVA helped many states throughout the Great Depression.
John Steinbeck was a writer during the Great Depression. He interviewed two men who were hiding out in California to start his first book, In Dubious Battle. He wrote Of Mice and Men which was printed in 1937. Of Mice and Men received many awards.
Herbert Hoover was the 31st president, and took office during the first year of the Great Depression. Hoover took a lot of blame for the Great Depression because he didn't realize how severe the Great Depression was.
Franklin Roosevelt lead the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. He helped the American people believe in themselves. By 1935, the United States had recovered so much. Business men and bankers did not like his New Deal plan.
Many people during the Great Depression were forced to go into soup kitchens because they could not afford food for their family. Most soup kitchens were ran by churches or charity groups. They served most soup and bread.
During the Great Depressions, many people could not afford their rent or afford food. There was little jobs available and men had to get the courage to stand in the breadline to get food for their family. Men felt ashamed that they could not afford anything for their families.
The Dust Bowl was an agricultural, economic, and social disaster that occurred on the Great Plains of the U.S. during the 1930's. Poor farming practices, severe drought and high winds devastated the farmland and created huge dust storms that killed thousands. The Dust Bowl forced thousands of families to more west.
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