Nature's Beauty

The theme of my gallery “Nature’s Beauty” is  The Natural World.  I chose the works that I did because they all have mountains somehow depicted in each piece.  All of these pieces show the beauty of mountains.  Some of the pieces show the mountains in a very simple form, while others show very complex mountains. In this gallery, most of the pieces are paintings or drawings, and there is one pottery piece.  The paintings are done in either watercolor or oil and the drawing is done in graphite.   Living in Colorado has also given me a great love for the mountains, so that is why I chose the subject matter that I did.  

I chose this piece to be the first piece in my gallery because the mountains are a little abstract, and this is not what I think of when I think of mountains. This piece falls into Minimalism.
I chose this glass vase because I loved the colors of this piece and it does how beautiful nature and mountains can be. This piece is a piece of modern art.
I chose this painting because the almost neutral colors caught my eye. This piece shows that even on a dark day, nature is still stunning. This piece falls into the Realism timeline in art history.
I chose this piece because it almost looked a little flat. The other paintings look like they have a little depth. This painting was different from the others. This piece falls into modern art.
I have included this piece because the subject matter is the tree and not the mountains. This piece falls into the Romanticism time period in art history
This piece is different because there is a white frame surrounding the painting. This painting is cool because it shows an areal perspective of the the mountains. This paining shows Realism in art.
I chose this drawing because this painting is done in all graphite and is lacking color. You can still see the beauty of nature. This drawing was done in the Neo-Classicism time in art history.
This painting is included in my gallery because it looks flat but the colors of the mountains really caught my eye. This piece is a piece of modern art.
This piece is last because in all of the other pieces the mountains are the main focus, but in this painting its the river flowing over the rocks. This piece was done in the post impressionism.
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