it's a Charmed life             by Ashlee dima

My Gallery consists of paintings that all depict the simple charms in life such as: the things we take for granted, the happiness in a single moment, and the little gestures that can make a day brighter. My theme is Nature so every picture will include either landscape or an outdoor setting as well as flowers.

This scene of an arrangement of a beautiful garden flowering throughout a courtyard would bring cheer to all who view it due to Nature's natural charm, Whether in the scene or viewing it in the frame.
Life is all about taking time to sit and relax with friends as depicted in this painting of a group of people calmly watching the ocean in Maine and taking their time to soak in all life has to offer.
Nothing could be more charming than viewing thousands of flowering plants and the smells that would consume you on a warm day as seen in Woman with a Parasol in a Garden. This fits Charmed perfectly.
It's nice to take time out of your day to enjoy the little things. to find a quiet spot to enjoy life from as this woman is doing in the painting. This gallery is all about finding simple pleasure.
A serene day of painting beautiful landscapes and getting lost in a book is what leading a charmed life is all about. This painting encapsulates everything there is about simple happiness.
Van Gogh is brilliant at creating simple charm such as in this painting. The flowering almond brings hope and new life to whoever views it and the pastels of the painting only help to emphasize this.
Dancing is always a sure way to bring out happiness in others as well as yourself and this painting exhibits a girl dancing in the outdoors for all to see to lift everyone's spirits.
Signac has created a scene with trails of walking and possible carriages that bring a certain awe to this painting and whoever views it thanks to the companies being together exhibiting a calm joy.
Another by Van Gogh; this scene shows happy couples coming together in a beautiful garden setting and nothing could be more charming than to be in love and surrounded by nature in all its glory.
Despite Van Gogh being a very depressed soul, he was able to take his sadness and transfer it into a charmingly uplifting scene of golden sunflowers that could brighten up anyone's day.
Credits: All media
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