How far is it?

This gallery is about three different types of perspective on paintings. Linear perspective, Aerial perspective and color perspective. By: Byron L. Ruiz Martinez

I choose this paintings because the colors caught my attention. For me is a very pretty painting and it shows linear perspective.
The reason why I chose this painting is because of the arc. I wanted to have a painting that showed perspective but with an arc.
This is a beautiful painting and is easy to tell where the vanishing point is.
This is a great example for aerial perspective, because it shows how the lighter the mountains become in the background gives the illusion that they are very far away.
This is a painting that shows color perspective. The painting shows warm colors in the front and in the background it shows cool colors like blue.
I liked this one because it shows a hall that never ends.
Having the pillars in the front makes the viewer feel like more immerse on the painting. It feels like I am standing in front of those pillars and I can see what's inside from far away.
I chose this one because it remind me of those churches with painted domes in their ceiling. When you look at those paintings of domes they fell like they are really there and gives the illusion that the building is bigger that what it really is.
This one is color perspective a warm color in the front which is the orange and blue in the background.
I chose this painting because the vanishing point for the linear perspective is Jesus. All lines led on Jesus a very clever painting.
I hose this one because it has an endless path but I really liked the colors form this painting. It shows talent and hard work.
To tell the truth this is a beautiful painting of a dome. I was lucky enough that it carries perspective. I like this painting.
This is just a good painting to show a two point perspective which is the vanishing point looking at many different places.
This is a similar example to the Last supper painting that shows that the vanishing point is the person in the middle of the image.
The never ending stair case. Linear perspective is shown in this painting.
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