Every season have good things about them, everyone draw them all differently.

I like that artist show that this winter didn't go well for everything.
It gives a image of child relaxing in a cool afternoon, the trees are starting to turn color, which shows falls ' coming.
I like the way the artist use dots to make the picture. Also to show a sunny afternoon where everyone relax.
He use a dark green for the tree, gives us an image of the summer.
I can see a winter day where the day is kind of warm, so the ice is melting.
I like the way the artist do a harvest season, everyone is gather together to relax , all tired.
The picture shows a cool spring morning.Where all the plant are green now.
I can see a spring image where all the plant starting to grow.
It shows a white winter, the snow covered everything, there are only few evergreen stick out beside the snow.
I can see a summer day in the wood, where it's almost raining.
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