Abosede's Shape Gallery

In this artwork I see the use of high definition because the head of the swan or duck is clearly visible from the background. Another example of high defintion that I can see in this artwork is the redish orangish shape that pops out to the viewer.
In this artwork I see the use of curvilinear lines because the dark/navy blue arch in the top center of the picture doesnt have any straight or precise lines. Another curvilinear line that is in this picture is the womens torso which is the nude color which is in the direct center of the artwork. It has lots or curves to show the parts of her body.
In this piece of artwork I see the use of rectilinear lines because at the very top of the outer blue object, the darker blue, you can clearly see that the lines are all perfectly straight and that their are no curvy lines whatsoever.
In this artwork i see the use of negative and positive shapes because the black and white shapes pop out more than the other colored objects. You can easily distinguish the shapes from the background making that the negative shape because its surrounding the main part.
In this artwork I see the use of geometrical shapes because of the crisp precise edges. For example the blue, diagonal, quadrilateral that go all over this artwork are perfectly straight.
In this artwork I can see that the artist uses organic shapes to represent the message that he is trying to portray in this piece of work.I say this is organic because the piece of work is of a natural object. They didnt do anything to alter the way that the tree is supposed to look. It also give a sort of different vibe than you would expect it to.
In this artwork I can see that the artist uses non-objective shapes because i can see all sorts of different shapes within this piece of work and they have no connection to anything within reality. For example the white shapes dont represent anything spectacular so therefore this is an non-objective artwork.
In this artwork I can see that the artist uses representational shapes to show careful focus on the objects and the landscape of the view of this window.I can tell that the artist look a lot of time to carefully get all the details because of the crooked blinds. Also with the different shades that are made on the bed because of the way that the streetlights are reflecting off of the covers.
In this artwork I can see that the artist is using abstract shapes because you can clearly see that the object is a violin or a guitar and the artist has taken it apart and moved them into different places creating this new image that is still quite simple to see but still is a form of abstraction.
In this artwork I can see that the artist uses low definition. I say this because some of the lines in this picture are very faint and you cant see all of the small details that can be contributed to this picture. Its kind of fading away and its hard to see which part is which so it would be loew definition.
In this artwork I see the use of rectilinear shapes and positive/negative shapes. I see that the dark brown legs of the chair and the backboard are all rectilinear shapes. I see the positive shape is the chair because it is the main object. The negative shape would be the white shapes that are in between the legs or the chair.
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