Beings With innocence

This gallery is about innocence within soceity today. These pics represent the common theme of innocence in most stories

This picture shows a child playing on a beach. The child has no worry in the world. This child represents the innocence of child.
This picture shows no girls walking down a street in a what looks to be a poor town. These girls dont seem to care about what is going on with their town. They are just continueing through life as innocent as can be.
In this picture the innocent animals are being hunted. All though they will provide the hunters food they will also get he money for the fleas. The animals are being killed for their fleas. What did the animals do to the human hunters.
This picture is the same as the last one. Hunters hunting the bufflo. The bufflo didn't doing anything to get this harm. These animals are innocent.
In this picture two child are play golf with no care in the world. Thsi is the point holden was triing to get across.
In this picture the children site next to each all not worrying about a thing and just playing a guitar. All of these pictures have one thing in common and that is the apear to have no care about the world's problems and they are just living.
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