Japanese History

Jomon- Complexly decorated rims, 'jomon' itself means rope-patterned. Typically rounded bottom. It was also Handcrafted.
Yayoi- Most likely made from potter's wheel.  A simple and appealing design.  Polychromatic with different tones of a color.
Kofun- Rounded bottom base. Many little pieces that surrounded burials and tombs of people.  Skilled potter's wheel work as the culture grew.
Asuka-  First adoption of buddhism into society, therefore a bodhisattva.  A new style and detailed technique showing a change in society.  Focus on royal people, emperor/buddha/bodhisattvas.
Kamakura- High-fired, ash-glazed produces tinted color on figure.  More detailed humans.  Pertaining to war and powerful figureheads due to the prominence of the civil war on society.
Heian- Shows the court uniform and pattern like because of the long lasting peace and strength.  12 zones show the dimensions of Buddha nature. 
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