David´s                 ancient chinese art gallory

Oracle bones are bones from an animale that a king would ask a question and a diviner would get a hot stick and cracks the bone. The diviner would read the the crack giving the answer to the kings question.
Ancient chinese paintings are made of silk and oil paint.these are for beauty and story telling.paintings usually have mountains and fog and some sort of temple in them.
instruments are made of wood and sometimes rock. they are used for trade and an art form of stress release and make a unique sound that describes a moon in a cold autumn night.
fans were used for protection from the elements and for various designs for beauty and for symbolism. people could tell is you were a nobles by the kind of fan you had and the designs.
Bronze was very important to the chinese because it was strong and was used for weapons and tools. This was not a cheap metal and was used by the nobles for decor and beauty. this material is one the most important.
This statue was made of marble, one of the most beautiful and expensive materials. this rock was especially for art and beauty in palaces and in gardens. the white transparent rock was a symbole of power.
This painting is made of silk. This is made from silk worms cocoons. People were killed for this material and is one of the most precious in China. The kings would wear this. The production was a secret to the rest of Asia.
Pottery was used for cooking, cleaning, storing,etc...and is a cheap tool. It is made of clay put to harden and dry and the you may paint are decorate it however you want.
Prints were used to wright and sent messages to one person or one other. They sometimes have drawings on them and they are made of rice paper. In the palaces they were used for banners and were pasted on sheets of metal
Bones were used to make jewelry and were used for fishing. They would spear the fish with the bone. bones were cheap and were a very good resource. Would be worn with jade on the necks of the nobles and the kings.
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