The Victorian Era

The Victorian Epoch was the mix of the best of other styles. Victorian Era was a lively style of ornamentation. Clothes on the victorian era was very elaborated and restrictive on the bodies of those who wore them. The victorian era was a time period between 1830 to the end of 20th century. We can see the evolution of fashion in these paintings or photos. In the early 19th century shoes began to be made with the right foot and the the left foot, instead of being interchangeable. Other important accessories were hats. In the later years, hats became a symbols of style statement and authority. Shawls, cloaks, mantles, scarves and little aprons were also accessories. Gloves and parasols were popular. Large brooches and earrings were also worn. The use of fans was also very common. Hair styles were very complicated. Hair was thick, long and luxuriant in many different styles..