Greek Art

Many different Greek sculptures and other artworks  Collection put together by Breanna Russell

I chose this piece of art because I thought it looked like a wedding ring for Hera goddess of marriage and childbirth.
I have always liked the story of Medusa so i chose to insert this into my collection.
I like how the jars used for everyday stuff always has a story on it symbolizing something.
I chose to insert this because Zeus is the King of the Gods in Greek Tales.
I chose Poseidon because he is one of my favorite gods out of all Greek gods.
This picture was very interesting, The description said that the bride is waiting while the groom is ritually shaved. I thought it was rather peculiar.
I have always admired Athena for her wisdom. I chose her for this reason. She is also one of my favorite.
Dionysos is the god of wine. I thought it was strange that on the wine jars there were no pictures of him.
I have always loved the story of pans labyrinth and the battles that have taken place in them including this one.
Proserpine is the wife of Hades. It is said that she was stolen from her mother and brought to the underworld by Hades. I like this story too.
Credits: All media
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