These following Images I have chosen are pieces of art that use the color blue to express peace and tranquility. Blue is one of my favorite colors and consider it to be one of the most beautiful. It has many shades and tones and has such a wide bandwidth of colors from baby blue to dark blue. My favorite type of blue is created in nature from flowers to the blue sky.

Look at how the color blue creates a somber yet relaxing environment in this painting.
Blue is used to create the water in this beautiful painting.
The Blue in this piece helps create a relaxing mood in the viewer. It looks like an image you would see in a bed time nursery book.
To me nothing is as peaceful as watching the moonlight caress the tides of the ocean.
A satsuma bowl is usually used for food but in this case it is presented as a work of art.
Having a picnic on the ocean can be good time, listing to the sounds of the ocean while having lunch can be very relaxing.
Sometimes I would lay on the grass and stare at the beautiful sky, its so peaceful up there.
While its not really blue at night I believe the artist used this color to represent the peace that night brings to nature.
A blue mountain that uses dark tints from the bottom to light shading near the top.
An intense emotion of bliss and inner peace is what I feel from this image.
Blue appears as the calm medium in between the two walls.
A young Child sucking his finger to calm himself.
It Seems that the blue is used to bring equilbrium to the dark void between the ice
A beautiful teapot constructed out of blue glass.
Shes wearing a light blue dress and is posing for a portrait. She looks quite Happy.
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