Perspective- Art History Assignment

This gallery shows off unique paintings which have taken up the idea of perspective. This is for my art assignment in Art History ART2006D.

This object I chose serves as a perfect example of illusion of perspective. When I looked at this object, I wondered if this was a painting or a transparent object, or maybe it was painted over on several sides. This piece certainly does play with the eyes if you look at it long enough.
This piece here serves as a classic example of looking down a corridor. From the beginning, the columns, ceiling, and the floor as well looks as if it's large and up close. However, that all shrinks as it heads towards the center of this piece, giving the illusion of looking down a corridor.
This piece here shows off a perspective view from on top of a cliff looking down into the sea. I think this serves as a good example of a perspective view that seems as if it's being seen from someone else.
This piece here shows off how objects are viewed from our own perspective, and how they vary in sizes the further away they are.
This painting serves as an example of viewing a perspective that seems as if it's from another person's view. From how close the ground here appears, shows us where are we viewing the rest of the image from. Most of the objects here are darkened, showing us another example of perspectives during certain times of a day or season.
The painting shown here serves as another good example of perspective view. The piece shows us a road that seems to shrink the further it reaches the center of the painting, giving us the feel of looking down a road.
This piece shows us how the perspective of large objects in long distances appear. This sort of perspective is usually seen in paintings with cities included in them.
This piece here shows us a view of two streets next to each other along with people traveling and buildings lined up  together. This view seems as if it's from a first person perspective.
I find this painting to be a very interesting one that utilizes perspective. There seems to be a single point in this painting where everything comes together and vanishes.
The piece shown off here is a view down a street. At first the objects and people here appear normal sized, but then as the painting goes on, everything appears much smaller than before. There's also a point in the painting where everything converges and disappear.
This painting shows off a perspective of a building's corner, showing us a point in the center of the painting where everything seems to be at it's largest, then becomes slightly smaller the further away everything else is from that point.
The painting shows us how small objects seem to shrink the further away they are from us.
To me, stairs serves as a perfect example of perspective within paintings. Here, we see the stairs ascend up until they vanish to a point in the background.
This corridor serves as a good example of perspective. From the beginning, everything appears up close and large, then as the painting continues on, the painting seems to shrink and converge to a single point in the painting.
The painting shown here shows us how space and objects seem to be enlarged and shrinks depending on the distance everything is from the point in this image.
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