The theme presented in this exhibition is related to the environment. These artworks are related to the four frames in art making. These frames are known as, the Subjective frame, the Structural frame, the Modern Frame, and the Cultural Frame. The artworks in this exhibition communicates to the audience about the environment, consisting of life experiences, ideas, feelings, signs, codes, symbols, photographs, and issues. I chose these artworks because, it was within the theme of 'the environment', and many of the artworks matched the four frames. The artworks that are in my exhibition are blended with one theme, but each artwork did have it's own meaning and structure to it, and the artworks that were chosen consisted of different types of media. Also, I thought that each separate artwork was very unique in their own way. An artwork that had a lot of meaning that caught my attention, was the 'Tornado in Seoul' (2011) made by Kang, Young Min. I recommend this artwork, as the creation of this wonderful artwork was very appealing, as the media and materials used in this artwork is unique and different. I believe that the colours used in the artwork, was very noticeable and eye-catching and that the motion of a tornado really stood out, as the different shades of colours was used to created a motion affect, which I believe was very engaging. I believe this artwork was successful, that evidences the Subjective Frame. Finally, I would like to thank Georgette Bashour, for supporting this exhibition.

This work evidences the Subjective Frame
This work evidences the Modern Frame
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This text evidences the Structural Frame