We are Grade 10 Students and this is our PBA for Economics and Humanities. And our topic is on Germany during World War 2.

Hitlers propaganda which says "Believing in Germany shall fulfill our destiny" which is trying to convince the german populace abut the war.
A German Pillbox is destroyed by American forces outside a town in Germany.
Ruhr miners who are struggling to earn for their family by doing hard labor in a mine in Ruhr Germany.
Hitler youth or Hitlerjugend in Austria who are ready to be trained,fight and die for the Fuher.
Several several members of the Hitler youth are attaching Swastika emblems on flags to promote fundraising for the Nazi state.
Young Girls and boys were forced to serve under Hitler's Regime dubbed as the Hitler youth and follow what ever is decreed by the Fuher or the State.
Jewish people are lead out to a assembly point where they were either gonna be executed or deported to a camp.
American troops surround a farm house in Normandy, France days after the Normandy landings codename Operation Neptune.
Several "Herrenvolk" soldiers surrender to allied troops.
An American soldier holds up several German troops at gun point after their decisive victory in the battle of Normandy.
A German woman is shocked to what the Nazis did to innocent people during the war.
Several dead bodies of Jews in the "Lager nordhausen concentration sub camp" were rounded up by local civilians after it was found and liberated by the advancing US army.
The ruins of a Jewish Synagogue in Berlin during 1945, This is where the Germans stored confiscated jewish items after the night of broken glass or "kristallnacht"
Hitlers bunker or "Fuherbunker" after Hitler committed suicide, taken by a soviet soldier after the soviets after the battle of Berlin.
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