What are you made of?

By: Rebekah Madsen

The texture of her hair and flawless looking skin show her age and her wealth.
The texture is phenomenal in this piece. It is simple but shows so much more, as if Wolverine was present.
The woman's blanket appears to be roughed up and her skin is aging due to the textures presented.
The paneled ceiling demonstrates how simple but perfect textures can make a piece of artwork.
The painted stones captures the radiating heat and the struggle for plant life to survive in this terrain.
Although this piece is more Impressionistic than realistic, the trees and grass and buildings have an astounding amount of texture on them
The streets are clearly flat and have just been rained on. The texture Arthur Streeton painted on here shows this.
This exceptional piece and my personal favorite has painted texture blossoming around it everywhere. From the light grass to the tiny tree in the corner. The use of texture brings this piece to life.
The nude woman appears less texture than the other pieces but her bowl of fruit has just enough detail on it to show it's fresh and desirable.
The woman has been sculpted with layers of cloth on her. They almost look to be rustled possibly in the wind through the textured carved out.
What caught my attention the most was the red flaming hair of the woman in the water. It looks almost surreal like her hair has taken on a whole new dimension.
Guiseppe's face appears to be slowly aging but does not show a young child's face through the textures painted.
This piece is very abstract. However, the centerpiece that is framed towards the side is blooming with feathers and other beauty given through the style it was painted.
The grasshopper is patiently waiting on a stock of some sort of farm crop. I'm able to make this judgement because the texture is detailed.
Other than the title, the viewer is shown that the morning frost has arrived and everything appears serene and calm in the morning.
Credits: All media
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