7th grade research(berenice Abbott) Matty dooley

         Berenice Abbott was an American photographer. She was born on July 17,1898 in Springfield, Ohio. Bernice died on December 9,1991. She was originally from Springfield Ohio. Berenice attended Ohio State University for college. She was not just a photographer, Berenice was the founder of the “House of photography. She created this in 1947. The “House Of Photography soon lost money due to death of two designers. The house had no choice but to close. In 1958, she created a series of photos for a physics textbook. Berenice Abbott was an american photographer that was known for her black and white Photography. Most of her Photos were New York architecture. Berenice spent two years studying sculpture in Paris and Berlin. She opened her first studio on the rue du bac. After studying photography in Berlin, she went back to Paris in 1927 and opened another studio on the rue servandoni.            Berenice started working for Man Ray in a darkroom as an assistant at his portrait studio in 1923. Berenice wrote, “I took photography like a duck to water. I never wanted to do anything else.”  Man Ray was very impressed with her darkroom work. Berenice soon was able to use Rays studio for her own photography. Her career soon took off and she was known very well. One of Berenice’s Photos is of the J. Paul Getty museum. This restaurant was originally built in 1832 as two rowhouses. It was changed over to a restaurant in 1883 or 1884.The second floor was soon used a an apartment. Mori’s closed in 1937. The building was sold by Caroline Bussing in October 1943. Berenice Abbott was a very successful photographer and worked hard to be a photographer in her time. In conclusion, that is how Berenice Abbott became successful.

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