The calmness of blue in art

This gallery is about the color blue and it is used to bring a sense of calmness in art.

This piece shows varient shades of blue in a simplistic environment signifying a calm environment.
A blue glass bowl. Something I feel would add elements of relaxation to whatever environment it's in i.e a home
The dress along with her expression shows a relaxing day while getting a portrait painted.
A piece involving various shades of blue, reminding me of a night sky.
This basket has what appears to be calm blue waves painted on it, along with lighter shades of blue on the side gives a calm feeling when looked at.
A picture of what appears to be a god of the sea or an important sea merchant, as the person and mahority is blue with various sea related items in it.
An asian paint that uses blue along with green to show a very interesting, relaxing and almost mystical landscape.
A calm picture of blue chameleons in a blue environment being fascinated and orange butterfly.
the cloth, wall and blue cup give a raw feeling of loneliness
Since this a self portrait, it seems to me the artist enjoyed doing this piece as her portrait is smiling and she seems to be wearing a very fancy blue dress, which most likely did not paint in. Perhaps the blue enhanced he mood.
A simple picture of boy wearing blue clothes in a blue chair. Very relaxing with it's simplicity.
A divine figure in the middle of night, but the light coming from the divine figure creates various shades and gives the impression of an important evening.
Give the impression of calm, boring and rather ordinary breakfast.
Thi picture of night comes off as very tranquil due to the use of blue and motion of the artist's paint strokes.
The use of blue in this painting shows an aura of stillness but something important about the coat or the character herself.