Sensational Art

Taking a section from one level of the MoMA in New York I have created a sensational gallery that raises the five sense that we experience daily. Unfortunately we cannot always experience the five senses in the museum like touch and taste. Most experience the sights, sounds and smells. Let's explore some art!

Dieter Roths artwork, "Solo Scenes", show scenes of his everyday life. Television is a huge part of American culture and uses a couple of our senses and sometimes triggers others with the use of commercials causing us to crave foods and drinks.
"Giant", a larger than life painting is full of color and texture. While viewers are not allowed to touch artworks, if we were one would feel all the different layers of the canvas and differences in brush stroke.
In comparison to the previous art work, "Giant", this piece in much more calming with less going on color wise. One with color blindness might respond better visually to this work than to "Giant".
Many times the senses used in the museum are limited to sights and sometimes sounds. What about taste , smell, and touch? "Cries and Whispers" is a mysterious piece that allows viewers to question more than what they see but also what it feels like.
Personal bias for Andrea Zittel's work? Yes. None the less senses and museum visits are all about the experience. This escape vehicle by Zittel transforms a normal travel pod into it's own experience. The work must be viewed using the sense of sight but one is transferred to their own adventure while in the museum.
"Suited for Subversion", while an art piece that is looked at daily was originally designed to wear it looks as if it creates the feeling on warmth and comfort.
While in the museum one cannot experience the works in the way that they may be intended like "cover" or "Suited for Subversion" but many people have already experienced some thing like it. They can relate to what "Cover" or "Suited for Subversion" would feel like and this evokes sensational memory or recalling what the sense is, in this case feeling.
Credits: All media
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