The Perspective of Life, love, and music

A collection of the beauty of life love and music using perspective to give dimension, and leave the imagination to run wild.  All of the art in this collection is outdoors.                                                                                                                               Kurt Lee Jr

In this painting by Samina, the subject is the face. The way it was used several times shows different portions of it and gives a feel of different mood. The perspective it is in if drawn on paper would be two point. The black and white contrast give it character that draws your eye to it, and makes your mind want to know what the artist was trying to portray. I think this work falls under the category of life, Its a great representation of moods by perspective.
This is a photograph by Tsang Tsou Choi titled "Queens Road Central". The painting on the wall that runs down this street give the subject a sense of age. It looks as if these marks have been there for a while. The people standing in the vanishing point also add to the interest of the photo. This photo makes me want to go and walk down this street to see what other interesting things are around this area.
"Personal Melody" by How & Nosm is a really interesting piece. I love the birds eye view of the photo and all the roof tops and tops of cars. The painting or graffiti on the building stand out and say look at me. The image that was painted is very abstract, and it has an interesting subject matter of targets, crystals, and bombs. This photo reminds me of a big city or very urban place where art and music are big influences.
"Common Threads" by Meg Saligman painted on a the side of this building amazes me. The main subject of the photo is this painting that looks as if it shows people of power. It shows historical and current figures. The choice of colors go well with the building, but still give the painting enough energy to stand out and be seen.
"Europa and the Winged Bird"by Faith47 is a nice work of art. The figure in the painting is very well done. It looks very much like a statue. I like the shading and think that it helps give the subject depth. The clouds in the background of the photo also help add to the feel of the photographic portrait.
I would say that this is an example of life imitating life. Im looking at this photo of and artist adding to his painting as the work its self. You can see all the hard work it takes to make a work of art come to life. Look at all the paint on the painter.
"Fight Club Dulwich" by Conor Harrington a painting that gives an graveyard feel is one of my favorite. The subjects remind me of one of the living dead or zombie shows that are on television today. The opaque colors on the skin of the figures help with this. And also shading that helps the shadow of the work.
In this untitled work by Pixel Pancho jumps right out at you. I love the use of bright colors and wired subject matter. The flowers that look like they represent the insides of the object show a different sense of beauty. The wall that it is painted on helped give the painting depth. The choice of colors really make this work a eye catcher.
"Natureza Viva" by Regg and Violant shows many different things. I love the choice of subject and colors. Its a natural subtle feeling about this painting that stands out to me. It also helps bring out the features of the subject which is a fox.
"Struggle of Nations" by Crycle remind me of War. The colors that surround the figure on the animal remind me of older propaganda posters. I like how simple but powerful the message is and think that is represented well on the side of this building.
Credits: All media
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